:: MARCH 10, 2014 ::

After four years of awesomeness, Dream Wolf is no more. We would really love to see you all at our last show. We will be selling CDs and t-shirts for ridiculous prices, at the show and online.

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It's been a great four years and all of us will continue making music in many, many different projects. Here is a list of what everyone is up to so you can stay in touch and follow us on our musical journeys:

The Dynamite Defense (Chris Tady, Brent Jamison)
The B'Dinas (Katelyn Jamison, Tess Jehle-Ray)
Claire & the Crowded Stage (Katelyn & Brent Jamison)
Chris Tady Trio (Chris Tady, Tess Jehle-Ray)
Ren (Megan Zander)
Bearing Torches (Brent Jamison)
Found a Job (Katelyn Jamison)

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